Don't ask me why, but over the last couple of years I have bought loads of Barbie Stuff. It started out with a pencil case for college, and now I have even started buying the dolls, and the clothes. Lately though, it has died out a bit as I have been turning my attention to wards a certain Japanese animation that stars an electric rodent (can you guess who that is?)

I guess you could say I am exploring my inner child.

The Barbies I have at the moment are 2 cool colors barbies, a sticker fun barbie, a happy holidays Christie in a black ballgown, a Kira which was given to me by a generous visitor to this website, a Theresa, a Skipper and a generation girl Tori. Also I have a Mulan doll. Also I have loads of clothes for them to share, and a bike, and a jeep. Tori came with a skateboard that she shares with the others!
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www.barbie.comIncludes a section where Barbie can try on different outfits! Also if you live in America (which I don't) you can have a doll made especially to your design!

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