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Here are some pictures of Barbie that have mostly been pilfered from other sites. Some of them I had some input in, as I got to choose what outfits they wore.

These 6 pictures were made at If you go there, you are able to select the doll you want to use and choose from a selection of outfits for each doll.

This is a cool colours Barbie. I have one, and so does my internet-friend Amanda. It comes with a Hair Mascara, that you can either use in the doll's hair or your own. It doesn't work very well in my hair, as it is very long and dark, but Amanda says she uses it herself.

I like this Barbie, because it is really cool. Her hat makes her look a little bit like someone who listens to Hip-Hop. Also the model is one of the best ones for putting into poses, as you can move the shoulders and elbows etc, into any position you like.

This picture was made in another part of In this one I got to choose everything about how the doll looked, such as skin, eyecolour, and hair. I tried to make it so it looked like me. I think it worked, but I would like to think it is a slightly uglier, and less glamourous version of me.

This picture was made in another part of I was trying to see whether it couldn't cope with having a Christy doll with blond hair and blue eyes - as you can see the blond hair worked, but the blue eyes didn't!

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