I'm the Bomb!

So who the hell am I anyway?

This page is a pain in the arse. I have to keep updating it when things change.
look thats me!
My name is Christina, I live in England and was born in 1971. (it's days till my next birthday!). I record my own rap songs - under the names of Miko / Sonya-Blade / Ninja Spice. Because I watch too many Japanese films, a lot of my music is inspired by Japanese Manga. Also I have been venturing into reggae and ska lately.

pichu I am Pokemon obsessed. I have the first 151 pokemon on yellow, red and blue. In Pokemon Silver, I don't have them all yet, but I have a lot of them.. I have been playing a Japanese version of pokemon crystal, and have got a lot of the new ones in that.

My Sabrina character from a student video - thats me there that is

a shot from a video i made
My ambition is to go to Japan.
I have just finished doing a degree in Radio/Film and Television. The last work I did was an animated version of a buddhist text. It has been entered into some major competitions, and is bound to win on account of my huge talent. Also I made an animation about "manspider", a spider who gains subhuman powers after being bitten by a radioactive man in a horrific scientific accident. That one didn't get entered in any competitions. In the first year of my degree I made a Martial arts version of Alice in Wonderland.
me doing a demonstration of origami I am a vegetarian. My worst habit (I think) is that for some reason, when I use a computer (especially using a mouse, or on the internet) I have a tendancy to suck my thumb - this gets slobber all over the keyboard, not to mention that it probably looks silly!
Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa My favorite book is Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa. I have only read the version translated into English.

It is based on the life of a famous samurai who really existed. I also have "The book of five rings" which was written by Miyamoto Musashi himself.
Shakkazombie My favorite rap group is a Japanese group called Shakkazombie. I also like Redman (American).

I have a page dedicated to Shakkazombie, where you can listen to some bits of Shakkazombie songs.

I've also started listenening to reggae/ska a lot lately. My favorite artists are Lee (scratch) Perry, Sizzla, the Maytals and the Skatalites.
from the film TetsuoOne of my favorite films is "Tetsuo" by Shinya Tsukamoto. I am not going to bother explaining what it is all about, because that is pretty much impossible anyway. But please read my section dedicated to the film.

I like this film because of the frenetic speed in it, and the great attention to mise-en-scene.

A poem about me....

christina is from winter 1971
christina is a punter of loudonline
christina is # 1
christina is in the rock and roll hall of fame
christina is a star
christina is beautiful
christina is a major bitch
christina is my friend
christina is single
christina is a dirty girl?
christina is snubbed and honoured
christina is due to make a comeback in september with a song called "dirrty" which features guest vocals by rap star redman
christina is a stylish chick
christina is highly motivated
christina is shaken by the news that her possessive boyfriend may be wanted for the murder of an ex
christina is making a new album in 2002
christina is astounded when friends romanticize her situation
christina is back
christina is a soul diva
christina is a ten year practitioner of homeopathy
christina is crowned queen
christina is not at this point permanently exiled from sweden
christina is dating a dancer
christina is the best
christina is the protagonist in the story
christina is a fascinating lady confident bright and intelligent with a whole range of interests
christina is awesome
christina is also a pretty good photographer / videographer
christina is abducted by the ghoul
christina is more a garbo vehicle than a mamoulian film
christina is the best singer dancer and most beautifulest girl out there and i just want to thank her for inspiring me
christina is singing the song with just her voice and piano because it shows she can actually sing
christina is down and dirty
christina is on sabatical until june 2001
christina is a lawyer and a doctor
christina is early
christina is ? trashy? or garbage? or a whore?
christina is at the beach
christina is internationally renowned & highly sought after
christina is not really pop
christina is a highly talented athlete with the ability to play several postions
christina is not 21
christina is the only child from this marriage
christina is extremely well
christina is trapped in a loveless marriage to the german prince hans
christina is my role model
christina is carrying 2 sets of identical twins
christina is livin' it up with rappers she considers her big brothers
christina is looking for artists to help her perform and raise funds
christina is respected and loved by the people of america
christina is your best choice
christina is young
christina is the best "sleepy girl" that i have ever seen
christina is trying to prevent the release of the album
christina is a very special young lady who encourages and inspires just about everyone she meets
christina is the biggest slut
christina is my favourite actor and i have so much respect for her and her talent
christina is especially proud of her ballads
christina is certified as a reiki teacher
christina is a 21 year old woman and she needs to dress the way she wants to dress
christina is also a certified public speaker specializing in abstinence education
christina is not at her studio designing accessories
christina is a dear person whom i've come to know through our tragically crossed paths

adapted from a googlism
The main text of this page, translated into japanese via http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr and then back again.....

My name is the Christina, I lived in England, withstood with 1971. (as for that to my following birthday -326 day! So it is). I -... record the song of the sound which my itself hits under name of the spice of the Miko / Sonya blade / the Ninja. Me being even excessively to look at the film of many Japanese, many of my music are urged by the Japanese Manga. In addition I the reggae have betted to the ska directly recently. I am the Pokemon which is attached. I possess first 151 pokemon of yellow, red and blue. With the silver of the Pokemon, entirely still there are no those in me, but, it possesses those many. I do the Japanese edition of the crystal of the pokemon, it has many of those where that is new. My ambition should go to Japan. I ended the fact that exactly it does the Radio/Film and the television. Me as for last work it was the edition where the Buddhism text is enlivened. To victory it is divided because of my enormous talent entering the principal competition which is to that. In addition I obtain the subhuman power after the thing which is bitten concerning " the manspider ", by the radioactive person of the horrific scientific accident which the made life. Not obtaining with which competition which enters. I made the art edition of Alice's of the wonderland Martial in my first year. I am the vegetarian. I when (the mouse of especially Internet, or is used) me using, the habit I being worst (as for me think of the computer) and this have the tendancy which is inhaled because - that looks at my thumb perhaps foolishly the keyboard without the , does not express the slobber which is obtained, some reason to be thing,! The Musashi it does the book of my taste with the Eiji Yoshikawa. I read only the edition which is translated in English. That has been based on the life of the famous samurai, really it was. Him himself it was written and by the Miyamoto Musashi which is " the book of five rings " in me. The group of the sound which my taste hits is the Japanese group which is called the Shakkazombie. In addition as for me (America) the Redman is liked. It can inquire about the bit where you who is the page which in me is used exclusively in the Shakkazombie have the song of the Shakkazombie. In addition as for me the large quantity the listenening was begun recently to the reggae/ska. The artist of my taste the shade (the scar) Perry, is the Sizzla, the Maytals and the Skatalites. " The Tetsuo " it does one of the films of my taste with the Shinya Tsukamoto. That clean being greatly in any case to be impossible, I those where that is approximately entirely explaining have not done the fact that annoyance is applied. But read my section which is used exclusively in the film. I like this film, and the note where is large to the mise en scene because of that frenetic speed.
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