Which pokemon are you most suited to?

Answer the following questions, then click at the bottom where it says "which pokemon is for me", and I will try to make a match for you. You have to answer all the questions or nothing will happen.

What is most important in a pokemon?

Make a nutritous meal

Where would you prefer to be?

At the beach
Above the clouds
In the woods
In a cave somewhere

Which type of attack strategy do you prefer?

Make them fall asleep first
Freeze them
Paralyze them
Fire attacks that burn
Anything powerfull
Ariel attacks
I dont want my pokemon to fight

Does it matter how easy to train your pokemon is?

I want a pokemon thats easy to train
I don't mind, as long as it's not too hard
I want a challenging pokemon.

Do you prefer the night or daytime?

im not bothered really

How do you most want to spend time with your pokemon?

Playing games
Battling and training
Singing and dancing

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

Code adapted from colleen’s quiz tutorial