Which Mortal Kombat character are you?

Answer the following questions, then click at the bottom where it says "fight!", and I will try to make a match for you. You have to answer all the questions or nothing will happen.

Which gender are you?

cant i be a robot?
Im not fussed really

What controls your actions?

Destiny controls my actions
I just follow orders
Whatever helps me gain the most

What do you think of humans?

Well, I am one!
Im kind of fond of them. I dont mind helping them out.
Death to all humans!

What is the best way to win?

Brute force
Well developed skills
magic/supernatural powers
up to date technological hardware

How do you feel about deception?

Its dishonourable
if its used for good its OK
its a hobby of mine

What's most important?

looking good

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!

Code adapted from colleen’s quiz tutorial