This is the script of the video I made for the 3rd year of my degree. It is a story about a girl who is obsessed with scooby doo, and who thinks she has seen a vampire. A large amount of the script was cut out in the end, but I have put the whole of it up here. The main character is one that appeared in my 2nd year project - only this time she has a name - and that name is Claire Smith. She was played by a different person this year (all though, the original girl that played her is the drug taker on the left in the picture below) but with the costume and wig that we gave her, she looked almost exactly the same.
Claire sitting in wicker chair with mug in hand. Camera cuts to details at points.

Claire Smith - I never used to really believe in that sort of thing - you know ghosts and draculas and stuff, until the time I actually saw one. Even when I was little I used to like ghost stories but I didnít think they were real. I remember watching Scooby Doo and they would always have ghosts or something on that, but it would turn out that it was just somebody in disguise. I used to pretend I was Velma and go round the house looking for clues. I used to have a little crush on Fred. I used to like Donald Duck cartoons as well. I used to laugh and laugh when he got all mad (make noise of donald duck getting mad).

Anyway, on Scooby Doo, it always turned out that whenever there was a ghost or something, it would turn out that there was a rational explanation for it all, and it was usually some criminal who ended up saying "I would have done it too if it wasnít for you little brats". So, I used to always think that when people said they saw ghosts then there would be some rational explanation or that they were just imagining things. Even now I still keep trying to think of a logical reason for what happened to me, but I really cant think of one.

(cut to dope smoking scene. Music "do you want to get high?")

It happened one night when I was coming back from a friends house. It was someone from work. Not where I work now - at the chemists, but another job I had a few years ago. She had been smoking cigarrettes with cannabis in them. I didnít smoke any though - I had a little breath of one to see what it was like but Im not interested in drugs. A coffee first thing in the morning is enough for me, and maybe a little bit of wine with a meal. I ended up leaving quite early in the evening because there was a video on and I couldn't watch it. It was some film about a Chinese man who learns boxing. I think it was called "Tokyo Fists" or something. It was too violent for me and a bit strange. I prefer films like "Sleepless in Seattle". You know, romantic comedies. I think I have a bit of a thing for Tom Hanks. He isn't quite as hunky in Forrest Gump though, but it was still a good film. (in bad impression) "life is like a box of chocolates".

Rapper - Yeah I know her. She's well sad. We went to the same school, but I hardly knew her. She was one of those nerdy kids that you only ever bother with when you want their lunch money. I think she was in the year above me anyway. Then we ended up working in the same place. She started pestering me all the time like she knew me or something. She like, came round my house one time. We were smoking weed and shit, and she just choked up on them. She only had like the start of one and got fucked up. She started talking shit about scooby doo or something and went. (this scene was actually cut and replaced with a short rap video)

Claire Smith - Anyway I started to walk home and thought I would go through the park. (cut to outside shot in daylight) This is the way I came. Hey, I got my head stuck in those railings when I was a kid. It took ages to get out. There were all people trying to pull me out and using different plans. By the time I got out I was covered in melted ice, oil and margerine (I cant believe it wasnít butter). Someone went and got a hacksaw and said that they were sorry but the only way I was going to get out was if they cut my ears off. In the end they cut through the railings and got fined by the council. I suppose they must have fixed the railings because I cant see the one that was cutÖ..As you can see its quite a nice walk during the day. I like to walk a lot. I walk everywhere. My mum used to call me the rambler because Im always rambling. Once I even walked a whole 20 miles in one day. Im always getting blisters and stuff on my feet - shall I show you? Oh maybe later..anyway I came up this way on my way home that night and it was just starting to get dark. I started to get a bit spooked because of all the trees.

You know how when its dark, trees can look really scary. I remember once when I was in the brownies and we went camping. Around the camping site there were loads of really tall trees, and when I went outside of the tent for some reason, I thought I could see faces in the trees. I thought I heard wild animals too and the sound of the wind through the trees was really scary. I know it doesnít sound that scary, but when you are only a kid and itís the middle of the night things seem much scarier.

(night time shots intercut with daytime speech shots. Scary Music)

Anyway it was a bit like that time. As I was walking home I started to feel a bit nervous. I suppose I was more worried about being, you know attacked or something. As it turned out it could have been worse than that even. Nowadays I take taxis everywhere. It can be a bit expensive though, but I think its worth it in the long run. Then again I guess you can't trust taxi drivers either. I mean, they could be anyone couldn't they? I donít know whether its worse when taxi drivers go on and on talking to you, or when they donít say anything at all. The scariest ones are the ones who donít say anything at all but just keep staring at you in the mirror. All you can see is their eyes looking back at you. It makes me really nervous when they do that. One of my neighbours where I used to live was a taxi driver and he was a real weirdo. He kept having young men visiting him and staying for the weekend. He had a horrible moustache too.

So as I was walking along suddenly this figure appeared out of nowhere. She was completely dressed in black and her skin was really really pale and she looked really menacing. I couldnít move at first and she started to come up close. Then she leered at me with a sort of snakey look and I realised she was a dracula so I started to run. I ran as fast as I could right along the path, then all of a sudden she was right in front of me againÖ I went the other way, but which ever way I ran she was right in front of me. Im usually quite a fast runner. I do admit though that when I was at school I never did very good at sports day. I was good at swimming though. I had loads of badges. If you threw a brick into that river there, I would be able to go and get it for you. Well not now, because I can only do it when I am wearing pyjamas. But I am a good swimmer.

In the end I got too tired (I mean from running from the dracula) and I couldnít run any more. She appeared in front of me again and pushed me onto the ground. It was really hard. It was like being knocked down by a bus. Not that I have ever been hit by a bus. I had some kid on a bike run into me a while ago though. It was really annoying. He shouldnít have even been on the pavement anyway. I couldnít do anything about it either because he zipped off without so much as an apology.

-anyway, I got pushed onto the ground and this dracula or whatever she was, basically pounced on me. Her face looked really evil but there was something strange about it that I didnít understand, but was kind of soothing. She put her face just above mine, and for some reason I started to like it. She started to bury her face into my neck and I was ready to submit to die and become one of the undead, then she suddenly shrieked, and got off me. Before I knew what was happening she had disapeared.

I was puzzled at first and then I remembered I was wearing a crucifix that my mum had given me for a birthday once. When I think about what nearly happened I feel lucky that I was wearing it at the time. Nowadays I wear it all the time.

(back to interior shots) Well thatís what happened. What I told you was exactly how it was. If you donít believe me then thatís up to you but I know what happened. Sometimes I try to think of a logical explanation but there really isnt one. I guess theres just things in life that we still donít understand yet. I know that what I saw was a dracula and nothing can change that.

(a crew member introduces the out-takes section.)