Cool Colours Barbie

Here are some games you can play with your "Cool Colours Barbie"

Ok, so you've got your Barbie doll out of it's box (it's like fort knox trying to get her out isn't it!). These are some games you can play with her.

If you roll one of the trouser legs up a bit, it looks like she is a gangsta rapper, especially with the woolly hat (the type of hat as worn by Ice Cube and many other hardcore gangsta hoodlums). As well as the hat, her bag is just the sort that B-girls carry (ideal for spray cans). The only thing missing is a beeper so she can make that connection. Maybe if you have a brother, you could try and steal his action man stuff, so it looks like Barbie is packing an uzi or a 12-gauge. Then you could have her drive by in her ride so she can bust a cap in Sindy.

If you are from the UK, then you could try making her do an impersonation of the Scousers on Harry Enfield. To do this, you hold her arms slightly bent in front of her.
After this, hold her by the ankles, with the legs together and one in each hand. If you move them up and down in opposite directions, then her top body and arms will move just like in the cheeky comedy sketch. "Now then, calm down!"

See how many martial art poses you can put her in. Her ankle movement is limited (non-existant) though, so it is not easy to make her look like she is doing a good kick.

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